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reconstruction poiting
Lalitpur, 31.Jul 2016
She was in the field during the First Earthquake to harvest potato with her son and daughter. She felt the ground was shaking, her sons and daughter instantly came near and caught the mother’s arm. After an hour they returned back to home and felt shock to see the demolished house. They lived under taurplin till 15 days with neighbors. After two months she made temporary shelters by using mud, stones and CGI sheets. Five members ( parents, two sons and a daughter). Her husband is in abroad. She has been working as a care taker in SIS. Besides that they do have little lands, grow seasonal crops too. Bimala Ghimire was fully involved during construction, she got leave from school. She was carrying bricks and made concrete. She got the help from her cousins and brothers too. In off days children also got engaged with construction work as per their capacity. They are not shifted yet, but they are planning to shift very soon. All the family members seem very happy to get the new house. She is proud on achievement (accomplishment of house) and expressed her gratefulness to Shangri-La organization for supporting them.

Bimala Ghimires House Completion BRSP 04

Lalitpur, 31.Jul 2016
Dasrath and his family members went to the field during the first earthquake. So nobody were hurt. After an hour they returned to their home, their house was demolished and felt panic. They lived under tarpaulin. They scared more by the frequent aftershocks. Dashrath, being the elder brother was worried to make shelter. In EQ 2 the house got more cracked and tilted. After some time got amount from Shangri-La and made temporary shelter of bamboo and CGI sheets. Their condition is poor and pathetic, they possess limited land. Dasrath is working in a office as a peon. His father is paralyzed and need treatment time and again. Likewise his mother too suffered from arthritis and heart disease. His younger brother is studying. Except Dasrath nobody are employed, so they are economically weak. Dasrath managed time for the construction and he and his brother worked as per their capacity. His parents could not do anything but his neighbours and relatives helped him. He paid wages and bought cement from his side. So his 20% contribution is full filled. They are not shifted in the new house and waiting for electricity wiring. Dasrath father is much more delirious. During the construction time he wake up early in the morning and visit his neighbors and relatives and told the updates of his house. I asked his feeling to his relative, she told me that every day he was dancing and reporting the details of his house to the neighbors. She again told me that dasrath’s father forgot to take food, wether he may die due to extreme excitement of getting good shelter.

Dasharath Ghimires House Completion BRSP 03

Lalitpur, 31.Jul 2016
During the first earthquake she was playing with her friends in Shangri-La Home, when the tremor began she was scared and went to open place. His all family members were inside the house, when the earth began to shake they ran out and She went her house after 15 days and shocked to see the collapsed house, she was traumatized and not speaking to anyone. Her family members were living in the tent and tried to console her. .During EQ2 all family members were in the tent, the house got more weak and damaged. They got support from SOH and made temporary shelter with bamboo and CGI sheets. Their condition is poor and pathetic. Dikshya’s father has mental problem, sometimes he left home without informing others. Four children are reading in college. Dikshya’s mother is working other’s as a laborer. They possess limited land too and grow seasonal crops and vegetables even though feels very difficult to join hands and mouth. Besides this they have no particular income source for them. All the family members were participating during construction except her grandfather. Being ill her father too actively participated but the son and daughters were working in off days. They paid wages of skill masons and managed the other required things, despite this their contribution is limited with 16% . They are not shifted in the new house and waiting for electricity wiring. Dikshya Kafle as well as her family members were too much excited for having strong and nice shelter. She is very much proud to SOH and gives special thanks to management team.

Dikshya Kafles House Completion BRSP 12

Lalitpur, 31.Jul 2016
During the first earthquake she was in office (SOH). When the tremor stopped rushed to her house, unfortunately the house was collapsed. One of her daughter was in the house and her leg got fractured and injured much. All the goods of the house were buried, Laxmi Thapa screamed and asked for help. Being the head of the family she was too much worried about the house. With the other neighbours she lived under trauplin up to two months. In the second EQ she was in the Trauplin but scared more by the frequent aftershocks and tremor. She got financial assistance from SOH and make temporary shelter by using Bamboo and CGI sheets. Their condition is poor, they don’t have much land. Laxmi is working in SOH as a cleaner and care taker. Two daughters got married but one is reading in the college. She was separated from her husband and do not get any support from him. She struggled more but feel difficult to live properly. Laxmi and her daughter were participating during construction and managed the required things as needed. During the construction she took the leave from SOH and worked as a unskilled mason. She paid wages of skilled masons up to DPC level, bought CGI sheets and fitting electricity from her side. So her 20% contribution is completed. She is not shifted yet, after coloring the house she will shift there. She was too much happy to get new and strong shelter. She told me that she can’t make house by herself in her lifetime. She said that no relatives and her husband helped her, in such panic situation SOH play the role of guardians so she was grateful to SOH, Board members and donors. and she is proud to be a staff of SOH

Laxmi Thapas House Completion BRSP 01

Lalitpur, 31.Jul 2016
Radheshyam was in his shop when the earthquake intially hit. After few minutes he reached home, the house was alredy collapsed but nobody were injured. Things of the house were buried under the rubble. He felt very annoyed,scared and worried. Instantly he heard the people shouting and screaming and rushed to the neighbour’s house, two people were buried and he helpd them to rescue from debris but unfortunately one was dead. During EQ2 All the members were safe and living in a tent. After a month getting amount from Shangrila and constructed temporary shelter with Bamboo and CGI sheets. His economic condition is moderate. He is a teacher and businessman. He possess some land too and grow seasonal crops and vegetables. Being a SIS teacher he is helpful and co-operative and helped others needy people in his community. During the construction period he and his family members were actively participated. Up to the DPC level he paid wages of skill and unskilled masons and bought CGI sheets from his side so his 20% contribution is completed. They are not shifted in the new house, still they are planning to shift very soon. He is very pleased and satisfied to have strong shelter. He gives special thanks to our entire team, donors and Shangri-La organization for continuous help. He committed to work even harder for this organization.

Radheshyam Basnets House Completion BRSP 06

Lalitpur, 31.Jul 2016
She was too traumatized to see the damaged house and fell down on the ground.She became separated from her husband in the chaos and said she lost consciousness. The goods were buried by the debris of the house. She screamed sometime for help but nobody came there. Next day got tarpaulin and food from Shangrila home and stayed there up to 22 days. Then they made temporary shelter by using old bricks,mud and woods and lived there. Their condition is poor, they don’t have land. Rama is working in school as a care taker, likewise her son and daughter work in private company even though they feel difficult to live properly. Her husband Govinda is jobless and not to do anything due to his old age. All the family members were participating during construction, Rama’s husband Mr. Govinda was actively participated and managed the required things. Rama took the leave from school and worked as a unskilled mason. Similarly their sons and daughters helped the parents by providing amount to fulfill the ODHR and got engaged as per their capacity. Family has already shifted to new house. All the family members are excited to get new and strong shelter. They say that, after the earthquake no relatives and friends give any penny in such situation SOH play the role of parents. Her husband remember the panic days during earthquake not to get food, during that time got financial assistance from Shangri-La, so they are too much owe to SOH. .

Rama Neupans House Completion BRSP 05

Lalitpur, 31.Jul 2016
During the first earthquake, the family members went to the relative’s house. When the tremor began, he was frightened and rushed in the open place. When they returned to their house, they were worried about the demolished house. All the walls of the house were cracked, so they lived in the cowshed with neighbors. During EQ2 All the members were safe and living in a tent, the house got more cracks and became more vulnerable. After a month getting amount from Shangrila and constructed temporary shelter with CGI sheets. Their condition is poor, they possess limited land. His father was expired and illiterate mother could not do any job except household chores. They grow seasonal crops and vegetables in their field. Sudam is reading in school but his relatives help them in some cases. The construction site is too far from their homeland, Sometimes Sudam came and worked in off days.. It’s a little bit difficult to participate from his family side. But his maternal uncle and uncle helped him to complete the house. They are not shifted in the new house, still they are living in temporary shelter. Their land is too far from new building so they will shift after six months. He is very much proud to SOH and gives special thanks to our organization for continuous help. He committed to study even harder.

Sudam Dahals House Completion BRSP 13

Lalitpur, 31.Jul 2016
During the first earthquake she was playing in front of the house, when the tremor began she was conscious. Instantly her father saw her and escaped away to the open place. The mud built house got destroyed again he was scared about the situation. All the members were safe and living in a tent even though she felt uneasy and asked about her broken house. During EQ2 all family members were in the tent, the house got more cracks and became more vulnerable . After a month getting relief support and constructed temporary shelter with CGI sheets. Their condition is moderate, they possess land too. Her grandfather has been ill since a long time and always needs medicine. Before a year her father returned from abroad .Her father Mr.Nabin is jobless but skilled in wood carving. There is no particular income source for them excepts some land for vegetables and crops farming. All the family members were participating during construction except her grandfather. Sweta’s father Mr. Nabin was actively participated and managed the required things. Likewise she, her mother and grandmother were involved in the construction site as per their capacity. They paid wages of skill masons and managed the carved post for their house, so crossed 20% contribution. They are not shifted in the new house and waiting for electricity wiring. Sweta as well as her family members were too much excited for having strong and nice shelter. She behaves well with everyone and she is very much proud to SOH and gives special thanks to our organization. Her father told that they could not make such house in their lifetime.

Sweta Tandukars House Completion BRSP 12

Lalitpur, 15.Jul 2016
During EQ1 all family members were inside the house watching television. The shake cracked the house and demolished the western part of it. Brother brought all children safely out of the home. They found shelter in the cow-shed for the night. Next day they left for maternal (granmother's brother) home (Just half an hrs walk from) and stayed there till EQ2 occurred. EQ2 completely destroyed the house. Mother is second wife of her husband. Her husband lives separately. Animal rearing ( a cow) and vegetable farming is the main income source of the family. Brother works as skilled construction labour. The family was completely dedicated for the construction. Mother worked early morning to late night to transport construction materials from main road to site, which is about 200 mt far. During construction grandmother cooked food for labours and mother worked as unskilled labours. Despite of having old mother and 2 yrs younger daughter , mother arranged all in kind support that made construction work faster. Family has already moved into new house. Mother and grandmother have thanked for making a better place for their children/grandchildren to proceed their upcoming life easily and without any fear.

Aditya Kunwars House Completion L02.23

Lalitpur, 15.Jul 2016
Both parents were outside helping in neighbour's field. Son was indie the house playing with friends . But no physical damage occurred. They got shelter in Shangri-La School and school management supported the family for food and other relief materials. A newar family with three members, where father works as a cook for SSP programme in Shangri-La International School. Mother works as an assistant cook in the same school. Mother is second wife as his first wife is dead long ago. Since both parents are job holders , they had to share the work. Mother from early morning reached to the site to arrange required materials like water , filtered sand , bricks etc to continue the work smoothly. In off days father used to work in the site. Mother's contribution was much appreciable. She managed to get landownership to complete the house construction. A beautiful three room house is completed for them. They are ready to shift into . Mother expresses her joy to everyone and thanked the project to give a shelter to a homeless family.

Anup Bajracharyas House Completion L01.55

Lalitpur, 15.Jul 2016
All family members were out during the first Earthquake,so no physical human damage occurred. Every member of house gathered and stayed together during the shakes. They constructed emergency shelter in open area beside the damaged house. Children and grandparents were horrified by the situation. A low caste family whose main occupation is to stitch clothes of neighborhood. The Father used to work as a part time plumber. He is drunkard too . The Mother works as household worker. Father has brought step mother and lived together until the house construction was started. Due to self-contribution part he left the house with his younger wife and parents. Now the mother lives with her three children who is fully responsible to feed them and fulfill other necessary requirements. During first three months all three of them (father , mother and step mother) were fully involved as unskilled labours and cook. Mother did all the work that she could do as unskilled labour. The House is completed now. However she shared that this house has built up her confidence. The completed house is like a symbol of her hard work.

Anusha Nepalis House Completion L04.12

Makwanpur, 15.Jul 2016
During the first EQ the family was on the way back from church and stayed outside. For the nights they found a good open place that felt safe. When the second EQ happened they were near the school and stayed on the grounds there. There was a lot of panic and people started to run away, they stayed though. Later on they started to sleep in their cow shed. A young couple with one small son. The HO used to run a tiny shop from his home (so it is not possible during construction). The building site is right next to Shiva Praja’s. As the case for most HOs in MP, the crops Shiva Praja grows last for about six months, so for some months he goes to Manahari, Tadi or Chitwan to earn money. The HO and his wife both participated in the construction and they cooked for the workers in turns. As they also had to look after their small child, their time was a bit limited, but they did their best. The HO and his wife are extremely happy and grateful. For them as a small, young family with only one child (yet) it feels very large. They say they would never have been able to build such a house on their own – and that it looks so beautiful. In case of another earthquake they would stay inside, as they completely trust in its earthquake resilience.

Iman Singh Prajas House Completion M05.21

Makwanpur, 15.Jul 2016
The HO was at his house with his family during the EQ, and they all rushed out. During EQ2 his children where at school, he was at home. He first thought he could continue to live in the old house as it was only partially damaged and didn’t look too bad to him. But when it was checked and judged by the government as unsafe he quickly destroyed it, to have the new house built on the same site. One daughter is married, with one child, and lives elsewhere, three of the other children, two sons and one daughter live with him and his wife in the household – which is a tent during construction. Another daughter, 16 years old, lives in nearby Palase to go to secondary school there, as there is none in Dhusrang. Their fields are nearby and they grow crops (maize etc.) for their own consumption, it lasts only for about five months per year, so he often goes to Chitwan to earn money. The HO is a very friendly and cooperative person who soon became the leader of the whole cluster. He was active from early morning to late at night and not only worked for the construction, but also organized meetings and saw to it that all information was passed on. The other family members were also very active, and his wife cooked for the labourers. The family is extremely happy about the new house and moved in right after the flooring was finished. The 16-year-old daughter who lives in Palase rushed home because she was so excited and wanted to see the finished house. The family decided to have the kitchen stove outside, on the porch, to make more use of the space within the house

Jangilal Praja House Completion M05.20

Lalitpur, 15.Jul 2016
Since it was the season of potato harvesting and Saturday , the family was outside busy in field except Grandfather. They did not realize if it was earthquake. But long shakes horrified them and then father ran to check if grandfather is fine. House got several crakes from inside. EQ2 weakened it more which finally led to demolishment of the house. Like other family they made emergency shelter in open place near by and stayed there for almost a month. Later they found a safe house and rented a room to live. Father works as a driver and mother partially works as labour in field on daily wages. Elder son who is almost 20 years old does not stay with them but outside. Mother is the second wife of father. Jyoti and her elder brother is from first wife who was expired years ago.However second mother takes care of house and family very well. Mother was so participatory during the construction. It is around half an hours walk from the main road to transport the construction materials. She made sure that every materials are on site. She with the help of neighbours carried all the materials during off period (early morning and late night ) and worked fully as unskilled labour during construction period. House construction is completed though it took a longer time despite mother's hard work. She was worried if the family could get shelter in this monsoon. She is glad that now family has better place to live in and children have better place to focus on their study.

Jyoti Thapas House Completion Report L07.39

Makwanpur, 15.Jul 2016
During the first EQ Kanchi Maya was alone, her son had gone out. She was in the shed looking after the cows and was very afraid. During the second EQ she was also alone, as her son was out working as an unskilled labourer. They moved into the cow shed, as their house was destroyed. Kanchi Maya is a widow. The landownership is in name of her father-in-law, Hasta Bahadur Chepang. She has a 19-year-old son Mahendra. The crops they grow, mostly maize, last for about six months. Her son sometimes goes to work in Manahari, while she tries to find work in the area. Both mother and son were working on the construction, the son also cooked for the workers. Neighbours also supported them by contributing one work day per week. Mother and son were very happy when their house was finished and moved in with big smiles on their faces. Initially they had some difficulties collecting stones, sands and wood, but in the end they managed. They are glad about the timing – that they have a place to stay safe from the monsoon rains now. Theirs is a small-sized house (as their plot of land is not large the engineers had to develop a specific design), but for two people it is big enough.

Kanchi Maya Chepangs House Completion M06.26

Makwanpur, 15.Jul 2016
During the Earthquakes, all the members of the family were working on the fields and therefore, luckily, no one was hurt. While the animals were safe in their hut, half of the main house of the family collapsed. For lack of alternatives, they have been living in the unaffected part of the building since. Lalit Bahadur is Krishna Bahadur's son, the landownership is in the name of Krishna Bahadur who also lives there, with his wife; Lalit Bdr has two sons and four daughters, two daughters are married and live elsewhere; a sister of the HO lives with the family too, but most of the time she is in Manahari for studies. Lalit’s brother Ratna is a beneficiary too, his house is close by. The HO helped with carrying materials and one of his daughters was also active every day. The cooking was done by the wife and daughter. The family appreciates the earthquake-safety of the house and the general protection it provides, being by far the highest located house of the cluster. They are happy about the vast amount of space it offers to make a home for their big family. With the stove placed at the porch, their daily life will be much easier and more comfortable.

Krishna Bahadur Moktas House Completion M05.24

Lalitpur, 15.Jul 2016
During the first earthquake , the mother was in her maternal house with her child to attend a ritual ceremony.They immediately returned to their house which was partially damaged. A common emergency shelter was built for neighbourhood with sacks and plastic sheets. Food and water was arranged by community. EQ2 brought more cracks to the house. A newar family with three members, where father works as assistant cook in a school. Mother is a house wife and seasonally works as unskilled / field worker. Maternal family gave land to the family to build house. Mother was fully participated in the construction process. She participated in other beneficiaries' construction process too as unskilled labour. Because of her active participation the beautiful house was ready in short period. A beautiful three room house is completed for them. Mother expresses her gratitude with a shy smile and spoke softly that she has two maternal family , one supported to get land and another supported to build a house.

Laxmi Maharjans House Completion L01.37

Makwanpur, 15.Jul 2016
The whole family was in the house during the first EQ and rushed out just in time – nobody was hurt. One of their fell ill then though, and they suspected that it was because of the earthquake. Mohan Singh’s father Chandra Bahadur and sister Thuli Maya are also beneficiaries. There are four children: one son, born a few weeks before the EQ, and three daughters, the oldest is nine years old. The HO sometimes has to work elsewhere to be able to earn money as the few fields are not enough to feed the family the whole year. The HO was very active and contributed with unskilled labour of any kind (carrying materials, site clearance etc.). His wife cooked for the labourers. Like his sister’s family, but contrary to most other house owners, Mohan Singh and his family decided to have their sleeping quarters downstairs and not in the attic, which they use as a storage room. After moving in they built their new smokeless stove outside, on the porch.

Mohan Singh Chepangs House Completion M04.12

Makwanpur, 15.Jul 2016
The HO was at home during the first EQ, his wife was in the jungle to cut grass for the animals and the sons were at home. Their simple wood house tilted, but nobody got hurt, the animals were also fine. During the second EQ, he was on the way to the mill to grind maize and was frustrated that he was not able to do so. The HO’s daughter is married and lives elsewhere; one of the two sons is also married, he lives in same household with his wife and young son. The HO is illiterate and one of the poorest of our beneficiaries. The maize the family harvests doesn’t even last for half a year. Support by SDA is considered here. Despite their extreme poverty all adults participated actively in the construction. Not at first though, they seemed to be a bit reluctant, but became more and more engaged during the process. It was very difficult for them to manage to cook food for the workers, but they did. For this family their new living conditions are an immense improvement, they are very glad about having a good roof now, strong walls, a secure door and about being safe should a strong EQ come again. Now they feel protected. Since the roof was up the family often slept there already, even though the house wasn’t finished by far. They are also looking forward to get their ecosan toilet.

Namraj Chepangs House Completion M03.7

Makwanpur, 15.Jul 2016
During the first EQ they were working in the field, during the second one they were at home and rushed outside quickly, were very scared, but nobody was harmed. The son was away at work and came back after three days to everybody’s relief. Elder couple with two daughters, both married and living elsewhere, and one son, just married recently, lives in the same household with his wife. They have only small maize fields, so there is hardly ever enough food. Sometimes they eat only one meal a day. The son often works in Manahari as a tractor driver, but these months he helped with the construction, so it was hard for the family to manage their finances. Their old house was not that much affected by the EQ, but it was a very basic construction, more like a cow shed than a real house. The HO helped as unskilled labourer and was VERY active and motivated, despite his age. His son was also involved every single day and worked hard, he has some carpentry skills and was glad to be able to contribute with them. The son’s wife cooked and helped out with light tasks. This house was finished right before the monsoon started and the HO was very happy about the timing. It would have been very hard for the family to live through the rainy season in their temporary shelter. After the construction was done HO & son finished the flooring of the house quickly and moved in the very next day when the mud was dry. For the stove they plan to build a roof outside. They are also looking forward to having a ecosan toilet.

Nar Bahadur Praja House Completion M03.8

Makwanpur, 15.Jul 2016
When the first EQ happened he was at his old house in Deutis and quickly ran outside, taking his granddaughter with him. The family moved into the cow shed then. That is where he was at the time of the second EQ, running out fast again. Nar Bahadur is a widower. His old, damaged house is in Deutis, but as he also has a plot of land in Dhusrang (which he inherited from his father), so he decided to build the new house there. His elder son, married with one daughter, still lives in Deutis. Like all MP beneficiaries Nar Bahadur is a subsistence farmer (growing mainly maize and millet), but the crops do not feed his family for the whole year. His son sometimes goes to work in Kathmandu or Chitwan. The HO was very active and motivated, but due to his age he was not able to do any hard work – but helped wherever he could. His eldest son sometimes helped, and the cooking was done by the HO’s daughters. The family moved into the new house only when everything was finished. The HO already built some kind of a low fence at the edge of the attic to protect children from falling down. To divide the room the family has hung up large pieces of cloth, but plans to build a real division wall.

Nar Bahadur Prajas House Completion M05.22

Makwanpur, 15.Jul 2016
They were all in the house when the first EQ happened and rushed out. A wall collapsed, but fortunately outwards. They all felt sick, but nobody was injured. During the second EQ they were working in the open field, and were safe there. Young Dalit family, with three sons (Bishal, Bishwas, Uchal) and one daughter, Bishnu Maya (she’s the oldest, 11 years old), a love marriage - and they are proud of it ;-), they have eloped together, she is from somewhere down in the valley, the parents of both have later accepted the marriage, he is quite a few years older than her. He suffers from a weak constitution and stunted growth (most probably due to chronic malnutrition during childhood). As a “special case” the family received more support from SRDP. As the family is Dalit, labourers did not want to eat food cooked by them, but another Ghodame HO, Santa Bahadur, a Tamang who is a good friend of the HO, cooked food for the workers at his place. They are subsistence farmers, but their crops do not last the whole year. Only light work was possible for the HO due to his frail constitution, so hired labour was organised to stand in for him on other sites. He did tasks like water carrying, fetching tools, tidying up the site, a little wood carrying, making aggregates. He participated well within his physical limitations. The family had already shifted to the attic floor even before the soling of the ground floor was completed. They already feel at home and find it very comfortable, although it is a small house design. Since the beginning of construction was postponed many times the HO is now very happy and grateful that it could be completed so quickly in only a few weeks.

Navraj Sunars House Completion M02.4

Lalitpur, 15.Jul 2016
During the First Earthquake all family members were outside in field working. The east part of the house was completely devastated. All family members including maternal uncle and his family. Both families together arranged emergency shelter with bamboo and plastic sheet. They bought food since food store was completely destroyed and lived in the same shelter till they get materials to construct improved emergency shelter The second Earthquake in May 2015 , did not bring any major effect as the house was already destroyed in EQ 1 and all family members were in temporary shelter. A newar farmer family by caste which has parents and two sons as members. They have no more land (except than the house where house is constructed). Father works as skilled construction labor and mother work in other's field. Elder son works in metal statue carving workshop. Both of them father and mother left all of their outside works and got engaged with construction process. They were selected in second round of selection. So house construction started bit late than others. But due to their effort and hard work they completed it on time. From early morning to late evening participation of house owner was remarkable. With such little amount of earning they had never imagined that they would get such strong, earthquake resistant permanent house. He counted that with their whole family earning it would have taken 7 years to collect the amount equivalent to the cost of this house. Had expressed their thankfulness to each and every individual involved in .

Nirjal Maharjans House Completion L01.76

Makwanpur, 15.Jul 2016
Purna Singh’s brother Iman Singh lives right next door – and that was where the family was during the earthquake, they were just having a meal all together. Everybody rushed out of the house in panic, just in time – a wall broke down. And they saw that part of Purna Singh’s own house had collapsed. SRDP gave the family materials (tarpaulin etc.) for a temporary shelter to live in until the new house was finished. The HO couple has nine children, but three died at a young age, of the living six children one is a girl, the others are boys. The two eldest boys are married, one of them lives in Kathmandu, the other one is just moving back from Kathmandu with his wife. The third son lives in Kathmandu as well, working there. The two-year-old (looking much younger due to prolonged illness) and the eight-year-old boy and the four-year-old girl live with their parents. The HO is a subsistence farmer, but the crops (mostly maize) do only last for about six months, so the HO has to look for work elsewhere. Purna Singh’s brother Iman Singh lives right next to him and is an SRDP beneficiary as well. Purna Singh worked as a woodcutter during construction and was also involved in other tasks. His son Bal Ram also worked on the construction site. Purna Singh says: “Just by looking at this house, I feel safe and I can imagine how strong it is.” During construction the family lived under some tarpaulin tent, but as soon as the CGI sheet was up they moved into the house when it rained hard and also slept there – every morning they moved their few belongings back to the tarpaulin before the workers started.

Purna Singh Chepang House Completion M02.3

Makwanpur, 15.Jul 2016
The HO was down at the river during the EQ, while his family was at home. Afterwards they didn’t enter the damaged house anymore and stayed outside next to it during day time and at night they slept in the goat shed. When EQ2 happened he was in Manahari to see a doctor, but got back home okay. One daughter is married and lives elsewhere. His father Krishna Bahadur and brother Lalit Bahadur live nearby, they also take part in SRDP. He is a subsistence farmer, growing mostly maize and millet, which last during the year, so he usually does not need to go to work elsewhere. The HO participated regularly in the ODHR process, along with his wife, they took turns cooking for the labourers and helped carrying materials. Problematic was the location of his house (and his father’s) – some 45 minutes walk from the next construction sites. HOs were reluctant to come that far to work, so construction at his house (& father’s) lagged behind for a while (but caught up). The family only moved in when the house was completed in all details. They reused the ornamented eaves boards of their old home and fixed them on the porch of the new one. They decided to leave the large new living room undivided and to keep the stove outside on the porch, to make the best use of the space the house offers.

Ratna Bahadur Moktans House Completion M05.23

Lalitpur, 15.Jul 2016
During the first earthquake the mother was in the field and son was playing near by. Grandfather was left alone at home . Neighbours helped to bring him out . House was cracked in between. Mother arranged emergency shelter near by with the help of neighbours. A chhetri family where mother works in neigbourhood in their field or house for earning. A small piece of land where they can grow maize and other seasonal crops, which last no longer than 6 months.Father is drunkard, does not support family at all. Mother has to take care of son and grandfather. Mother was in site as unskilled labour and some how convinced father to work as unskilled labour for contribution. Grandfather helped by cooking food for labours . Mother's participated in other construction site too. House is completed and family has already shifted to new house. " Better people build better shelter for better living which gives better feeling "this is how mother expressed her gratefulness to the organization.

Sameer Silwals House Completion L05.62

Lalitpur, 15.Jul 2016
During first Earthquake the child was in the house with her uncle and aunty . The first two floors of mud built house got destroyed. However they managed to get out of house. No human physical damage occurs but it horrified the family. They arranged an emergency shelter with the help of bamboo and plastic sheet. Collected food from destroyed stores. The situation horrified so much to them that till three months they did not enter into the destroyed house. Sanjivini has five family members including her . Grand parents , uncle and aunty . She is an orphan child. Her father got expired when she was just two years old. Her mother eloped when she was 3 years old . She has been brought up by her grandparents .Grandparents are now old enough to have any good earning. Uncle is the main responsible person for the family. They have small piece of land for agricultural activity. Uncle had been to abroad for earning .And now he is back and had no particular source of income. Uncle and grandparents were fully involved in construction process. It was uncle who arranged everything for construction. Community support was also very remarkable for this particular house. The house is completed. They will shift to new house as soon as it is colored. Her uncle has expressed his family thanks for making an orphan's child future bright providing scholarship and making a shelter for her present and future .

Sanjivini Kathets House Completion L01.29

Lalitpur, 15.Jul 2016
All members were out in the field during the first earthquake except grand mother , who got injured and paralyzed . North wall of the house was cracked. After wards they stayed out side in open space, prepared emergency shelter with polythene sheet available in house. Could manage food from house , since store was not fully damaged. During EQ2 , all family members were out but house got more cracks and became more vulnerable . After getting relief support ,constructed temporary shelter with CGI sheets. A tamang family with six family members parents , grand parents one son and a daughter. Father is mental ill , needs regular medicine. In absence of medicine he behaves very abnormal and sometime becomes violence too. Father in law is drunkard .Mother – in law is paralyzed after the incident . Both parents work as seasonal labour in field . Father works when he is well otherwise keeps on fighting with mother. There is no particular income source for them excepts some land for vegetables farming. Mother gets support from her parents side to run the house. Both parents participation was remarkable during construction work. Due to mental instability of father, he sometime threatened labours for delaying construction process and did misbehave with them. Many labour did not want to work at his site.Despite of his mental status father was always at site , taking care of materials and working with labours or preparing food for them. Mother was at site, preparing , helping and supporting construction work as unskilled labour. House completion was done a little delay than expected as labours did not want to work due to HO's behavior. However after several visit and meeting from management / RDC member, construction went on smoothly. Now father is glad after seeing his house. He behaves well with everyone and shows very proudly his completed house whoever comes to visit.

Supriya Tamangs House Completion L07.34

Makwanpur, 15.Jul 2016
Everybody was outside when the earthquake happened and was extremely scared, but to their relief no one was hurt and also the animals were all safe. They still lived in their old house during construction, which is very basic. The HO inherited land from her father Chandra Bahadur; Mohan Singh is her brother; all three beneficiaries live in close proximity. There are two sons, one born in January, and three daughters, the oldest is 12; the older kids attend school. Crops from their fields last only for about six months, so the HO’s husband sometimes goes to Manahari to do unskilled labour. The HO’s husband is very active and helped the carpenters and masons, carried materials, sawed wood – he would do any work to help with the construction. The HO also helped, but also had to look after her baby (born in January). Thuli Maya and her husband were happy to move in with their five children. Contrary to most other house owners they decided to sleep downstairs, on the ground floor, and not in the attic. They use the attic as a storage room.

Thuli Maya Prajas House Completion M04.11

Lalitpur, 15.Jul 2016
During the Frist Earthquake the Mother was in the field as it was season of potato harvesting. Since children were also helping mother , they were out too. House was partially destroyed during EQ1 in the second Earthquake the the house broke down completely. They stayed outside in emergency shelter with other members of community. Mutually everyone shares food and stayed in emergency shelter for a week. Later an organization supported to build temporary shelter with zinc sheet. A tamang family with elder daughter and younger son. Father expired when younger son was 1 yrs old due to over alcohol consumption. Since then mother works as semi-skilled labour / an agriculture worker and do household chorus in neighborhood for family. Mother was an active participant in construction process. Despite of being single mother she tried all her best to be presence in the site. In off period (early morning/ late evening) , worked to earn living. Children helped her during their holidays. A three rooms house was constructed because of the small land size. This particular house is one of them who has been selected for special support from our organizations. The House completion is done on time due to effort of the house owner. Now they have already shifted to house. The Children are very happy to have better house.

Uma Tamangs House Completion L02.28

Lalitpur, 12.Jul 2016
During the first Earthquake , mother and daughter were separated as mother was in her maternal house and daughter was with her paternal grandfather. They stayed roadside in group with other community member. Collected food from neighbors as first floor of house was fully destroyed. After a month temporary shelter was constructed with CGI sheets. The Father is a high blood pressure and depression patient .Due to his illness he suicided 10 years ago. The widow is taking care of her daughter and the father in law. Mother's one kidney is operated and does not work any longer. Father-in law is weak and old cannot work any longer. Mother works in field and have a cow. Milk selling is main source of income. Gets support from her maternal parents time to time. Mother cannot do any hard work but always there for little help and support to arrange food or any other construction materials. Despite of sickness both mother and father in law were always in site for construction process to do all possible work. The House is completed now and like a palace for them She still wonders about her shelter if this house was not built. They will immediately will shift when electricity work is done. They expressed their gratitude to SRDP and all supporters.

Karuna K.Cs House Completion L04.38

Makwanpur, 11.Jul 2016
The family was in the house when the first EQ happened and everybody rushed outside – while one wall broke down and cracks appeared on others. The wife climbed through a window with a small daughter in her arm. They slept out in the open then. During the second quake he was working on his field and rushed home. One son is married and lives in the same household with his wife. They grow mostly maize, which lasts only for about half the year. Then his older son is going to work in Kathmandu or Chitwan. Sometimes the family raises chickens and sell them to make some money. The HO is not very strong and healthy, so he could not contribute that much – but he did whatever he could. His wife, both his sons and a daughter-in-law worked a lot on the construction, mainly carrying materials. The women cooked for the labourers. The HO is very satisfied with the house and its size. He is confident that it is earthquake resistant and said that it looks as if nothing could break it apart. The family already moved into the attic part of the house even before the flooring was done downstairs, they didn’t want to wait any longer.

Aita Ram Prajas House Completion M05.18

Lalitpur, 11.Jul 2016
During the first Earthquake their mud house cracked. During the quake mother was in field . Grandfather and daughter were inside the house. Since the house was cracked only so no physical damage or human loss. During Earthquake 2 the house cracked more .After the quake, all family members stayed outside in open space. All community members were together in emergency shelter. Later an organization constructed temporary shelter of zinc sheet. In winter due to extreme cold and grandfather's illness they shifted back to cracked house with extra alertness. A chhetri family with five members. The Grandfather is very old and could not work outside. Father has a mental disorder, does not stay at any place or works genuinely. Mother is only the income source of family. She has not a permanent source of income. She sometimes works as unskilled labor in construction site , in field or does house hold work in neighborhood. The Mother was actively participated in construction site not only for her own house but also for all construction group members. As she knows that she would not be able to pay for required unskilled labors for her house. So she tried to involve her husband too so that she would have to pay less for unskilled labor. The Mother was completely hopeless after the earthquake. The completion of this house has given them hope for better study environment of her daughter. She ended up with "Better shelter for better education".

Deepika Mahas House Completion L05.18

Lalitpur, 11.Jul 2016
Lived with aunty's (father's sister) house. Stayed in emergency shelter for 2 months. Both parents were in field so were safe since they can not listen or speak. Children along with his aunty (father's sister) had to find and make sure that their parents are safe. The day they managed to collect food from damaged house and stayed in open place with other neighbours in a plastic tent. The chhetri family where both parents are deaf and dumb but both children's health is sound. They had not their own house . They used to stay with aunty (father's sister's) house. After devastation of house sister was also not able to keep them with her. They had a piece of land in backward area. They managed to take a plot for house by selling the land. Father works as a semi skilled labour and mother works in field for livelihood. Both parents participated in construction process as a semi skilled and unskilled labour. Father himself alone did the foundation part alone. It was carved so perfectly. He and his entire family was so sincere and dedicated during construction process. They were very cooperative and arranged all required materials on time. Somehow due to their inability of speaking and listening sometime communication problem occurred. But his other members of family fully supported him. Handover House is fully completed. Very expressly the both parents communicated their happiness in their own way. The way they showed the process of construction , their contribution and further plan for a small kitchen at the back portion of the house are heart touchy. They expressed their thanks by joining hands.

Paras Ghimire House Completion L01.25

Makwanpur, 11.Jul 2016
During the first EQ the HO was in his shop, a small wooden shack – and was trying to hold on to it. The family then started to sleep in their cow shed. During the second earthquake the elder son was in Hetauda in a restaurant – and rushed out into the street. Nobody was hurt.Both sons are married, one child each; two daughters are married and live elsewhere, the elder daughter has three children, younger one has four children. Sometimes three of those grandchildren (the ones at school age) stay with the grandparents, because it’s closer to school from there. The crops the family harvests (maize and millet) last for about eight months. The elder son sometimes goes to work in Kathmandu. There is some additional income from the small shop the HO runs. Husband, wife, sons and daughters-in-law took turns in participating. One of the daughters-in-law was very active and cooperative, and did whatever she could – mostly cooking and carrying materials. Pratap and his family happily moved into the house even before the flooring was done – they only used the attic first, waiting until the new mud floor downstairs was dry. As there are nine family members they decided to construct a partition. Out of some left over CGI sheet they constructed a rain gutter for the roof which leads to a water tank.

Pratap Singh Prajas House Completion M05.16 -

Lalitpur, 10.Jul 2016
All family members were out during the first earthquake,so no physical human damage occurred. Every member of house gathered and stayed together during the shakes. They constructed emergency shelter in kitchen garden. Due to snakes and other insects they could not stay longer in the garden. After getting sheets as relief support , constructed temporary shelter. During Earthquake 2 family members were together. A low caste newar family whose main occupation is to weave /make bamboo baskets. Bothe parents are engaged in this occupation. Children partially help parents in this occupation during their holidays. Besides, they owe a small area of land where they grow crops which hardly is enough for more than 6 months for the family. Father occasionally works as semi-skilled labour in construction site. Both parents were involved in along with children (during their leisure period). Father himself was fully involved as semi-skilled labor and mother worked as unskilled labor. Father left all his external work to be involved in this construction process. Contribution ( materials/ in kind /labours) was provided by HO from all possible aspect. Amrit Pahari's house was built on time because of HO's contribution and active participation. HO constructed little kitchen beside the house with same technique but different materials (with red brick and mud). They were very grateful to organization for providing this house which could have long years to build with such small amount of their earning.

Amrit Pahaaris House Completion L03.51

Lalitpur, 10.Jul 2016
During the first Earthquake all family members were in field as it was Saturday for field work. No human loss or damaged but house was fully cracked. After quake all stayed outside in emergency shelter. Managed food from neighbors. Their Child was scared from the situation , it was difficult to calm her. Earthquake 2 damaged the house , which brought them stay in temporary shelter. Later they shifted to one of the old houses which was safe unlikely. A chhetri family who consists of 6 family members. Grandfather and mother is the most healthy members of the family. Grandfather works as a skilled labor in construction site and mother works as unskilled labor. Partially they work in field too. Grandfather and mother were fully involved in the construction process and very effectively. Father could not work so hard physically but arranged all necessary materials to continue the construction work go easily. Their participation for other group members was also remarkable. Mother attended almost in every construction group during the construction period to help as unskilled labor. Family will shift into the new house as soon as the Pooja is done. The family has expressed thanks (specially mother) and promised to give full of support for upcoming programme of ecosan toilet and smokeless stove.

Ashwini K.Cs House Completion L03.75

Makwanpur, 10.Jul 2016
During the first EQ they were just having food at the elder son’s house and rushed out. Their own house was damaged then, but the son’s house was alright, so they all stayed there. That is where he was during the second EQ, he quickly ran out again. Other family members were working in the fields then. One of Gane’s two daughters is married, has one child and lives elsewhere. Two of his sons are married, one lives in the same household with his wife and son – the other, elder one, has two daughters and a son and lives nearby. During construction they all stay at the elder son’s house. All six adult family members supported the construction and were very active and helpful. They carried wood, sand, mud and stones, brought tools, fetched water and cooked food for the workers. Gane is very happy about the new house and the family moved in right when it was finished, he says it feels so different from the old one, so much better. He is planning to call all his relatives and neighbours to make a party soon. The kitchen is in a separate little building, and they also plan to separate one smaller room from the living room.

Gane Prajas House Completion M05.15

Lalitpur, 10.Jul 2016
During first Earthquake the situation was horrified for mother as she was away from her daughter .(Mother was in Birgunj for training and daughter was in Dhading with her maternal uncle). First night after EQ 1 , they managed to stay with their neighbours in an open area covered by plastic sheet and managed food in group. They received food and tarpaulin as relief from next day. The second Earthquake destroyed all parts of the house. They stayed in emergency shelter for more than 4 months. The family belongs to tamang community. Mother earning is only the income source of family, who works as an agriculture labour (animal rearing/labor during planation or harvesting time). Father is living separately with his second wife. The Mother had to manage the work alone so direct participation of HO during construction was low, however she used to arrange unskilled labors from her side. During last stages her husband supported her. This house was constructed as Model House-II. They have shifted to new house. The Family is extremely glad to have such beautiful house and shared her plan how she wants to decorate/utilize the rooms. She is highly motivated not only for her daughter's education but for herself too. She expressed her gratitude to the organization and all supporters.

Jenisha Tamangs House Completion L 03.41

Makwanpur, 10.Jul 2016
The family was just having food when the EQ started and everybody started to run. The front wall of the house crumbled down. The next nights they slept in the school building or at relatives’ places. When the second EQ happened they had already started to sleep in the house again, but did not do so for the next two weeks. Of the couple’s eight daughters, two are still at home, five are married and live elsewhere (Chitwan and nearby), one passed away; both sons are married, with one son each, who live in the same household. The crops they grow last for about half a year - maize, millet etc. The two sons often go to Kathmandu or Chitwan to earn money. Four family members were working for the ODHR process, the HO and his wife, one son and a daughter-in-law – but they were a bit lazy and had to be motivated often. The women cooked for the workers. The family moved in right after the flooring was done and the mud had dried. As the family is large they plan to build a partition wall.

Jhalak Bahadur Chepangs House Completion M05.19

Makwanpur, 10.Jul 2016
During the first EQ Phool Maya was working on the field. Her eldest son was at school in Kalikatar, another son was at home and had no idea what was happening when the mud wall started to crumble – he first thought a rat was working on it. Her father-in-law, Karma Singh, was in the forest and held on to a tree. They moved into their cow shed then, that’s where they were during the second EQ. Landownership is in the name of Phool Maya's father-in-law Karma Singh Waiba. Her husband Ram Singh Waiba has gone to Malaysia and hasn't been heard of since, leaving her with three young sons between six and eleven years. Crops from their fields last for about nine months per year, for additional income she needs to find work nearby. As Phool Maya’s old house has been demolished she stays at her brother-in-law’s house next door with her sons and her father-in-law. Phool Maya helped doing light work, such as chiseling aggregates, cooking or carrying mud / stones / sand or wood. She worked on the construction site every day. She moved into the new house along with her sons and her father-in-law, happy to finally escape the cramped conditions in her brother-in-law’s household. She was also happy that at her house the first stove was installed.

Karma Singh Waibas House Completion M06.25

Makwanpur, 10.Jul 2016
Except the disabled daughter all family members were working on the field. She was inside the house when the upper floor came crashing down – but she wasn’t hurt and was able to get to the neighbour’s house – to her family’s big relief. HO with some influence in the area and slightly better off than others. He has enough land to feed his family (and enough helping hands (his sons) to farm it. He often acts as a broker in the area. When they were young boys Santa Bahadur and Navraj, another beneficiary from Ghodame, a Dalit, made a live-long friendship pact, called “mit” in Nepali (not a common occurrence with an “outcaste”). He has seven sons, the youngest is ten and some of the older ones are already married and live and work elsewhere. His only daughter is disabled. As HO is less poor than other beneficiaries he paid higher self contribution (otherwise he wouldn’t have been accepted into the project) and helped to organize materials (such as wood) and their transport. He also helped reduce discriminations against a Dalit HO in his cluster. He, his wife and their sons helped with construction. The last task to finish a house is the HO’s responsibility: flooring – which was done by the HO and his sons quickly and properly. The family did not shift into the new house right away, they first organized a Buddhist puja to mark the moving in as an auspicious event – SRDP staff attended as well.

Santa Bahadur Gombos- House Completion M02.2

Makwanpur, 10.Jul 2016
At the time of EQ1 the HO was at Palase where he worked at a construction site, and was just taking tiffin. His wife and children were at home, also just having a light meal. They did not sleep in the house anymore, but outside, later on in a tent.The couple has five young children who go to school. Their house is right next to Iman Singh’s, another beneficiary. They grow their own crops, mostly maize, which lasts only for about six months per year. So the HO needs to go away to earn money, often on construction sites as an unskilled labourer. The HO was very active and cooperative. As he had worked on construction sites before, the work was already familiar for him, and he also improved his knowledge about masonry. His wife also worked on the sites, and other relatives helped out sometimes as well. He enjoyed this team work – “We learn to help each other”. The HO finished the last tasks (such as flooring) very quickly so he could move in with his family. He is very satisfied, especially with the space of the house.

Shiva Praja Chepang's House completion M05.17

Lalitpur, 10.Jul 2016
The family made an emergency shelter in the cow shed for first 55 days. Due to dangerous insects like snake and others could not stay longer. So they constructed temporary shelter with CGI sheets. First floor was completely destroyed with food storage. However they managed to get some food from store for first two days. After two days got food relief A chhetri family with four members. The Family is fully engaged in agriculture and animal rearing. Both parents have no job. Father has arranged to buy a tractor for field ploughing for own and others land .Seasonal farming and milk selling have supported them for livelihood. Both parents were fully engaged in construction during the period. The House owner , site engineer, supervisors and labors worked as a very effective construction group. HO was always there and prepared all necessary materials required for next day construction work. Because of their active participation house was fully constructed despite of late start. Family is fully shifted to new house. The child is happy to get a better house and has committed to study even harder to express their thanks to their supporters.

Sujita Khadkas House Completion L02.69

Lalitpur, 16.Jun 2016
SRDP Team Lalitpur

SRDP Team Lalitpur

Makwanpur, 30.Mai 2016
SRDP Team Makwanpur


Lalitpur, 29.Mai 2016
First floor of the house of fully damaged. The Child (Suraj was inside hid under the bed with friend). Other members were outside for field work. Used hay and blanket for shelter in near by open place. Next day they got tarpaulin and food from SIS. Stayed in shelter for 12-15 days. Later repaired cow shed and stayed there. Five members ( parents, two sons and a daughter). Agriculture is main occupation . Seasonal crops and animal rearing supports living. Elder son studies in higher secondary in near by government school. Younger child (Suraj ) and daughter studies in SIS. Both parents were fully involved during construction. In off days children also got engaged with construction work as per their capacity. The Family has already shifted to new house. It is first Model house of SRDP. They are glad to have a new and earthquake safe house and thanked personally to all who supported them to get such strong and beautiful shelter.

Suraj Rauts House Completion L01.20


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